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It is not always easy to volunteer when you cannot get out into the community. The pandemic, lack of transportation, or remote work can limit your opportunities. Luckily, the virtual world allows you to help without leaving your home.

Whether editing an article or offering support, many online organizations could use your help. You can make a real impact by checking out these virtual volunteer opportunities .

Crisis Text Line

You can help someone who is dealing with a crisis by volunteering with the Crisis Text Line. The only requirements are to be over 18 and available four hours a week. The Crisis Text Line offers free training to ensure you are ready to help those who are dealing with darker times.

Smithsonian Digital Volunteers

Imagine volunteering with the Smithsonian Institution, which you can do right from the comfort of your home. As a Smithsonian Digital Volunteer, you can help by editing Wikipedia articles or transcribing documents. The goal is to ensure their collection and educational articles are more accessible to visitors worldwide.

United Nations Volunteers

If you want worldwide volunteer opportunities, look no further than United Nations Volunteers. When you join the United Nations Volunteers, you are connected with organizations that need volunteers with skills such as writing, research, and design. You can use your skills to help organizations that are working for peace and development in the world.

Caring Calls

You can also find virtual volunteer opportunities that involve phone calls, such as Caring Calls. The program matches you with a senior to call for 30 minutes a week for about four weeks. This way, seniors who are dealing with the pandemic or personal obstacles do not feel as lonely or isolated.

Oakwood Educational Foundation

The mission of the Oakwood Educational Foundation is to address educational inequality in today’s youth. Volunteers offer tutoring services that bridge the gap while encouraging students to learn. Whether you are great at writing or math, you can showcase your skills by tutoring in your area of expertise.

It always feels good to help a person or organization, and you do not have to miss out on opportunities just because you cannot get out into the community. All you need to do is find virtual volunteer opportunities and let your skills shine.

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Based in Wyoming, Daniel Schwab is a dedicated community leader and businessman with a passion for the environment. Learn more @

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Daniel Schwab

Daniel Schwab

Based in Wyoming, Daniel Schwab is a dedicated community leader and businessman with a passion for the environment. Learn more @

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